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Clear Cut Chorus


There’s a huge clear cut lot north of Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia. It’s the now-decimated land that includes an indigenous burial ground. Enormous slash piles—the remnants of logging—punctuate the landscape as a tangle of stumps, small trees and other ‘left over’ materials. The occasional maple tree stands, still alive on the land because they're considered worthless to the timber industry. Despite the significance of the Provincial Government’s stop work order, the damage has been done both to the Nations and to the forest. The remains of trees, weathered by years of sun and rain, form piles too numerous to count, but seeming to have a lot to say. 

The Branching Songs team are planning a Clear Cut Chorus made up of voices from these past trees. The work will be a generative soundscape installed at the Sunshine Coast Arts Council gallery in summer 2023. More information to come.... 

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