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Listening Walk + Sound Art with a Forest

What can listening and sound tell us about trees and forests? Julie Andreyev leads this multidimensional workshop—on-site in a local forest, exploring sound and listening, and interspecies communication using visualization methods and field recording technologies. Participants will be introduced to techniques in expanding their hearing sense and how this can strengthen their connection to the natural world. The workshop will include knowledge about biophony and the role it plays in forest and human health. Participants will be invited to connect to trees using mind’s eye techniques while learning about biological activity beneath the forest floor and within trees, and the way trees communicate with their communities. Participants will be introduced to field recording equipment and use contact microphones to intimately listen to trees. Sound art with trees will be explored through these technologies along with improvisational and land-based methods.

This is a 3 hour workshop. Equipment can be provided to participants.

This workshop has been held at:
  • Sunshine Coast Arts Council, Sechelt, BC
  • New Adventures in Sound Art, South River, Ontario
  • Emily Carr University, Vancouver, BC


The workshops and exercises are informed by methods and information from:

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